Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daily Doze : DD#3

This is a Question from one of the recent quizzes.

Q.Identify A,B& X
A- Paternal Grandfather of X
B- Maternal Grandfather of X
X- The Person in the pic

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Daily Doze : DD#2

Idenitfy the Famous Car & Its Driver...
One point for each...
srry for being late on this post

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daily Dose : DD#1

Hey guys this is the new format in which questions would be posted ..

Answers will be updated frequently.....
( keep answering for Points , High Scorer list to be formed soon )

During the Ayodhya riots, many solutions were put across in Parliament to solve the crisis. But one of the unique ones was from a MP from U.P. who suggested that a sweet shop be built on the disputed land selling only one product. What? Extra points for guessing why ?

Answer : RABRI Refer comments for reasons

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sports fan : a treat for you again ( a sitter )

X had played brilliant tennis till then. He was even leading his much higher ranked opponent Y in the tie break. But, the big occasion got to him and X was eventually overwhelmed by Y in straight sets. But X recovered to create history two days later. Id X and Y
connect!!! ( a sitter )

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sports question

hey guys this may be the last post before ct's

For sports fans
here is the question
At the 1986 Hockey World Cup in England, India finished 12th. They were soundly beaten by New Zealand in the group stages. But, they were included in the 1988 Olympics despite this bad performance. Despite New Zealand's protest, FIH refused to take India out of the 1988 Olympics. This led to a new development in Hockey.What?

Hey guys u can post the answer in comments it has been moderated ... so they will be approved only when the answer is published(bfr the next question is posted ) making the quizzing more fun , and don't frgt abt the point system .. it is on

Sunday, August 17, 2008


IF you are really interested in getting all the questions & answers toghther here is what u can do
Dwnld this file from this location

Apart from the audio & visual questions that won't work with this file
IF you are really interested in getting all the questions & answers toghther here is what u can do
Dwnld this file from this location


THE 3rd yr guys somani sir, GT sir,venu sir , Vinayak Sir, pant sir u ROCk !
The scenes after the quiz is over we still had ppl waiting for more
The Quiz MASter Jayesh sir from final YR

The Good turn out in India Quiz suggests that the craze of quizzing in our college hasn't died after all. Here are some lovely moments during the quiz

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Questions of india quiz one by one

Actually there are 36 questions will be posting questions one by one or may be two at most one day
here are the one's for tdy...
Q1. On the subject of war, India fought a successful war against Pakistan in 1965, when the latter sought to wrest Kashmir once again, by cutting off the crucial road which connected Kashmir to the rest of India. In which city was the cease-fire agreement signed that ended the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War?
Q2. The oldest of the species is supposedly more than 600 years old and is found in Kerala’s Perambikulam game sanctuary. Now it is a primary component for reforestation and its bark and flowers are used as medicine for Bronchitis. Its name originated in Malayalam and entered Portuguese to mean ‘carpenter’. Which tree?

Friday, August 15, 2008

India quiz Held tdy at 3:30 pm on seminar hall, all the guys who missed the questins Along with the anwers will posted soon by sunday.. along with the pics of the event ...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

These are the Preliminay idea for somethng. The artist envisoned it to look like a hungry child. What ? Who is the Artist ?

Mail ur answers to

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gnosiomania 2009

Gnosiomania 2009 the knowledge festival of MNNIT coming up in jan this year ... visit the pre release website

blog at


This is the first question of this blog & this quiz club..
answer for points(for college guys only ).. anyone can answer thgh
members of club who will collect most no of pontswill recieve prizes for answering after a few no of questions

the god is represented along with Four dogs. what do the four dogs represent?

A sitter cracked by almost everybody..

refer to comments for the answer

significane of the logo & the name

hey guys why such a logo?

The Logo represnts hawk's eye the "eye of heru"- the number zero
Which represents Gnosis - the Divine knowledge
Gnosis a greek word for knowledge derived from the gene- isis
and the ring represent heavenly connection and in connection the universe....

the knowledge of universe in full is : Gnosis
hey welcome to Gnosis Quiz Club @ MNNIT Blog
HERE U will find content related to the questions in our in house quizzes.
The Weekly Lan quiz Questions archive
All The Updates realted to our Quizfest Gnosiomania