Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is the first question of this blog & this quiz club..
answer for points(for college guys only ).. anyone can answer thgh
members of club who will collect most no of pontswill recieve prizes for answering after a few no of questions

the god is represented along with Four dogs. what do the four dogs represent?

A sitter cracked by almost everybody..

refer to comments for the answer


Sandeep Agarwal said...

the 4 dogs seems to represent 4 vedas

agni said...

4 dogs represent the 4 vedas... and the god is brahma


the four dogs represent the 4 Vedas and the God is Dattatreya

KJ said...

four dogs are 4 vedas and god is lord Dattatreya

suraj kumar said...

Four dogs r representing nothing but the 4 vedas in hindu and GOD is DATTATREYA.

mitesh said...

it seems to represent dharma, artha,kama,moksha