Saturday, August 16, 2008

Questions of india quiz one by one

Actually there are 36 questions will be posting questions one by one or may be two at most one day
here are the one's for tdy...
Q1. On the subject of war, India fought a successful war against Pakistan in 1965, when the latter sought to wrest Kashmir once again, by cutting off the crucial road which connected Kashmir to the rest of India. In which city was the cease-fire agreement signed that ended the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War?
Q2. The oldest of the species is supposedly more than 600 years old and is found in Kerala’s Perambikulam game sanctuary. Now it is a primary component for reforestation and its bark and flowers are used as medicine for Bronchitis. Its name originated in Malayalam and entered Portuguese to mean ‘carpenter’. Which tree?


Mrithinjai said...

1.The ceasefire was made at Tashkent by Lal Bahadur Shastri

2. The tree used to treat bronchitis is adathoda or malabar nut

TNAMEH said...

the first one is correct
the second one's answer is teak