Friday, March 27, 2009

Daily Doze: DD#72

Connect the two pics


TNAMEH said...

a great question by subhro...
Went uncracked ...posting a new question ....instead of it

Subhranil said...
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Subhranil said...

The first pic is of Don Henley the lead singer of the band Eagles and the second pic is of Farhan Akhtar
Now there are two connections b/w Eagles and the movie Rock On

1) The lead vocalist Aditya's birthday in the movie is repeatedly highlighted as July 22. This referred to the real birthday of Don Henley, the lead vocalist of the Eagles. The lead guitarist's name is Joseph Mascarenhas, nick-named Joe which is the same as one of the lead guitarists of the Eagles, Joe Walsh.
2) In an incident in the movie where the reunited Magik band-members meet their former rival Ajay from Chakravyuh, Ajay tells them that he heard they had broken up. In response to this, KD says "Guess you were wrong. Hum ek break par the (we were on a break), now we are back", which was influenced by the famous dialogue from the Eagles' member Glenn Frey during their Hell Freezes Over album, "For the record we never broke up, we just had a 14 year vacation".

It is very strange that there were no answers even though the answer is given in the wikipedia page of the movie ROck On