Thursday, April 9, 2009

S1 #1 : Two MInutes ....


Hey guys we have decided on a new format in which questions can be posted on any day ....( we can even have multiple questions on a single day )
For a total of 50 posts per season

We are going to start the Leader board ( The toppers will be rewarded )
which will have two sections
All time Scorers
Season Score

Some new features :
1)Quizmasters of the blog now can answer questions put by other people.
2)Comments section modified and made more friendly & easy to use
3)You can get questions to your inbox, so don't worry that you will get updated
just enter your email address on the box on the right and it will be done.

There is plenty more good news to come but you should wait for the surprises..

For the Season Starter :

Identify the advertiser.....

Cracked by 15 of you
Leader board is up ...
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