Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cryptex 2010

One of our biggest supporters over the last year or so has been March Ahead, a site dedicated to improve the general knowledge of whoever cares enough to.  After having set a base for 2 years in the sphere of quizzing, it is now expanding its horizons to online treasure hunts by way of an event called Cryptex 2010
A treasure hunt is a sort of serial puzzle which not only tests your general knowledge, but also your ability to think laterally (sometimes in bizarre ways) to reach an answer.  A good example of a treasure hunt question is as below (this has appeared recently in an online Treasure Hunt out of Hyderabad, but is an old one any way)

So you think you know your number systems?



The answer to this puzzle is Christmas
The logic of this answer is as follows

1.       The lit pumpkin depicts Halloween
2.       Halloween is celebrated on October 31 or OCT 31
3.       The 10 would indicate that you convert this into decimal
4.       OCT 31 = DEC 25
5.       Christmas is celebrated on 25th December

This problem is among the simpler problems posed.  Such problems can be enjoyable and yet maddeningly frustrating at times.  Which is all part of the charm of a treasure hunt.

The team designing this treasure hunt has got arguably some of the best players of the game in the country as also a past Master of Klueless, arguably the most popular event in its genre.  This would also serve as a good ground for honing ones skills in preparation for the same. Knowing the team as we do, we would heartily recommend you try your hand at it.  The team assures me that it would ensure that everybody is helped at all levels so as to make the trip an enjoyable affair.

This starts on November 11 at 2000 hrs and would continue till somebody cracks the last level.  This is typically 2-3 days.  So do visit Cryptex 2010 and register and treat yourself to an engrossing game of  puzzle solving.

Updates on this event can also be found on the FB Page Cryptex 2010.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hey all ... This is a set of 9 questions ... celebrating the 63rd Independence Day of India.. Answer all correctly and one lucky MNNITian wins a goodie ...

Its as simple as that ... till that time

JAI HO !!!

India Quiz

Yeah your Quizmaster for the Quiz: The Anagram Law

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We have to thank her (or it) for her(or it's) collection of stories and poems that we've read as kids. They have entertained and taught us and also subtly narrated not so sweet histories in those sweet stories (like Jack Horner the knave and the rebellious Mary Queen of Scots). She (or it) is either a simple country woman or a bird! As a lady, she's just a representative of her type, or the popular storytelling granny on Devonshire Street. As a bird, well, its obviously not traceable. Who is she(or it)?

Monday, June 28, 2010

The radio station gets its name from a distortion of the word for a shrill laughter or foolish clatter. It is named after its "creators" and begins with the letter K - the call sign of stations located west of Missisippi River. It has an all talk format and gets calls from the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Ben Stiller, Jay Leno, Halle Berry etc and a visit by Bill Gates at its station. Which "radio station" are we talking of?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He suffered a torn eardrum since birth.
He always carried change in his pockets as a result of a kidnapping incident involving his son, that had him making calls at several telephone booths . The change was also included in the belongings he was buried with, along with a beer, cigarettes and a lighter.
He is alluded to in a song by Jon Bon Jovi, and is also the latter's ideal.
Who is he?

Monday, June 14, 2010

What is the link?

Figure out the common thread ( put your thinking hats on! )

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We rise again like the Phoenix

The blog was dead with so many promises of bringing it back again ..I failed ...
But the CLUB is back ....  And I hope this time it is more than just a bang

New Questions, New format & New Quizmasters also there; ....

To begin with I would like to share with you the questions of the quiz conducted by the Yugal & Piyush.

Pay Back Play It Forward Answers                                                            

The winners of this quiz :

1st :Hemant Agarwal & Zuhaib Khawaja , 3rd Yr
2nd :Rishabh Mathur & Atyab Ali Zaidi, 3rd Yr
3rd :Gautam Tiwari & Vinayak Final Yr

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Biz Quiz

Total prize money worth Rs. 20,000.


1. Each team will consist of three members currently studying at college,
2.The team members NEED NOT BE from the same college
3. There can be as many teams from each college
4. No individual can be part of more than one team
5. There will be a written elimination round before the finals.
6. Other details shall be told on the spot.
EVENT DETAILS: Date: 21st March, 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 10 a.m.
Venue: Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here are the results of Quizzes won by MNNIT Quiz Club @Gnosiomania 2010


1st : Gautam Tiwari, Vinayak & Zuhaib Khawaja
3rd: Abhishek Somani, Sumit Das , Apruv Srivastav


2nd : Hemant Agarwal, Zuhaib Khawaja , Vinayak


3rd : Hemant Agarwal, Nitish Yadav, Abhinash Pant


Conso : Gautam Tiwari, Abhinash Pant, Vinayak

Auto Quiz :

Conso : Zuhaib Khawaja , Venu Putcha, Nitish Yadav

We only missed out on the Entertainment Quiz where we didn't win a single prize.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

India Quiz

New year Resolutions are set to broken and the promise to be regular didn't work out, will try to figure out a way soon.

The Quiz Club @ MNNIT organized an India Quiz on 26th Jan. The presenters of the quiz were Astha Rai & Devanshu Awasthi of 2nd yr Btech.
Was a really nice Quiz, the questions were very well balanced and covered almost every aspect related to our motherland.

The Quiz was won by Hemant Agarwal & Zuhaib Khawaja.
( The Deputy Secy's of the Club :P )

Though the crowd was not much compared to previous quizzes but the qulaity of questions was certainly good.Moreover the second yrs deserve an applaud for taking the initiative & organizing it in such a short time.

Here are the Questions along with answers of Round 1 :

India quiz

Saturday, January 2, 2010

NEW YEAR QUIZ S2 : #1 -#10

Hey everyone ,

Well we have been dormant for quite a while now so what better time to break this period of hibernation.This new year we take the resolution that we will try to be regular
To start off here is the New Year Quiz.Ten Questions to be answered in next Ten Days( open till the 11th Jan).

Have Fun & Enjoy.