Sunday, February 6, 2011

GNOSIOMANIA 2011 :: A Review

Well this may be one of the most shortest review for Gnosiomania.In two words " IT ROCKS".

Ohk coming to the serious part Gnosiomania 2011 was the last time of mine as a participant as well as the first time as a quizmaster in GNOSIO.

And it was some journey.  Avinash Mudaliar had some really good questions this time around and we found them all guessable( doesn't mean we guessed a lot).

Six Quizzes ( 5 by Mr. Mudaliar & team   and  1 by us Attached below).


A Unique format I think designed by one of  our earlier seniors.20 questions , 3 clues to each questions identify in 1st clue you get 30, in 2nd you get 20, 3rd you get 10.
This was hosted by Hemant Agarwal( tht's me) & Zuhaib Khawaja. I can't comment on the quality and would love to have your  reviews.

Questions are given below.

Biz,  Tech , Entertainment , Cricket , General Quiz

All the quizzes were nicely made and the best part I liked about the quiz was the decent amount of Indian touch to it. Cricket Quiz was an unique addition this time around and we really loved being a part of it.

Some questions were so nice that we had to stand up in applause to them ... be it the Darlling Darlling from 7 khoon maaf  or the  Junglee question or it be the LVC( long visual connect ) to Ek duje ke liye... ..
be it the women cricket question .

Thats all from my side .. here are the questions of passwords we hosted ...
Would Love your comments...